Pegasus jet charter

What do you look for when chartering a private aircraft? For more than 25 years Private Jet Charter has surpassed our competitors standards, creating a quality of service that is truly unbeatable.

People in the know have relied on Private Jet Charter to provide the highest quality private aircraft hire services for more than 20 years. Be it Jet hire for business meetings, aircraft rental for corporate events, flying private for entertainment purposes or to lease a jet/helicopter for personal travel. Quite simply, we have the experience and ability to make sure you get where you need to be, when you need to be there - in luxury, style and comfort.

Private jet charter services provide convenient and swift access to the business opportunities worldwide, enabling business leaders to make the most of the possibilities provided by globalisation. No corner of the world is too far, no opportunity inaccessible. The vast distances between your business and new opportunities is no longer a factor thanks to Private Jet Charter UK and personal air travel.

Georgia Jet Charter is here to offer private flyers with private jet charter service that exceeds all expectations. Our team understands that your time, privacy, charter flight preferences, and most importantly safety are top priorities.

Whether flying private for business in Fulton County, connecting to an international flight out of Atlanta, attending the Master’s Golf Tournament in Augusta, or bringing the family to the Golden Isles for a relaxing weekend getaway, our Georgia Jet Charter  brokers are available to answer your questions via phone and email 24/7/365.

Our private aviation services cater to a variety of private clientele in the state of Georgia and throughout the world. We are committed to the pursuit of arranging excellent charter flights, and the most important aspects of arranging private flights will always be your privacy, safety, or comfort. When booking a flight with our private jet charter company, you can expect an easy, hassle-free booking process.

At Pegasus Air Charter, we seek to provide you with seamless travel services. Your dedicated charter coordinators are available 24/7 to ensure all aspects of your trip are handled. Pegasus operates a mixed fleet of aircraft and has access to a wide-ranging network of charter operators that meet our stringent standards. With this, we can provide our clients with an ideal aircraft virtually anywhere in the world.

Our primary responsibility is ensuring the safety of our passengers. Pegasus has a devoted commitment to safety which is why we have set standards to ensure your flight experience is both safe and secure. We take great pride in the fact that our flights are operated to standards that far surpass those of the FAA, TSA, and DOT.

When booking a trip with Pegasus Air Charter, you’ll be given five-star service throughout all phases of the journey:

Our philosophy is simple, we care about your journey and understand the importance you place on it and that is why we focus on every detail of your flight , no matter how small.

We locate the right private jet or executive helicopter for you, commensurate with your needs and budget.  We have access to every type of aircraft in the market through worldwide partnerships that we carefully select to ensure safety and service.

We believe in keeping things simple.  One SMS, email or call is all it takes to start your booking process – tell us when and where you want to fly and with how many passengers, we present the available options and you choose the aircraft .