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Jet Business Solutions is the best aviation service provider with expertise in flight planning, overflight landing permits & commercial aviation support

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Jet Business Solutions Ltd - Our FMCG portfolio specializing in Underbond and Duty Paid alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, grocery and health and hygiene products. We ...

“I think” and “I feel” have no place in the boardroom. If everyone isn’t pulling the right data, from the same place, to make important business decisions, your results will be as good as tossing a coin, and could have costly consequences.

It’s hard to make informed decisions and drive profitable change when you aren’t able to use the technology to gain a clear insight. And having to rely on a technical specialist for this is expensive and delays your access to the data - you’re waiting 97% longer than you need to for business information.

Having to run reports from multiple places with different data sources and not being able to do it on your own, is costing you valuable time and prohibiting necessary insight. MS Dynamics, Oracle, mySQL, legacy systems, Excel… Your data might live in numerous locations, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a faster, easier way to get it!

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Embraer announced today the selection of Aero Baires as its first authorized service center for Executive Jets in Argentina.

Embraer today announced the enhancement of the flight experience aboard its Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 mid-cabin business jets.