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For bookings in New Zealand Dollars ( NZD ) a Booking and Service Fee of NZD $5 to NZD $12.50 per passenger, per flight applies to payment options other than POLi, voucher and Jetstar MasterCard.

ValuJet Airlines was an American low-cost carrier, ... In 1995, the airline sued Delta Air Lines and TWA over landing slots. Like most low-cost airlines, ...

If your infant does not require a separate air seat, please contact our Customer Care Center at (800) 243-8372 for assistance with your booking.

13.10.2009  · Air Tran used to be ValuJet. if you check their website they DO have regular flight schedules...but all are at least 1 stop, and in some cases 3H layovers ...

Clogged or misdirected nozzles are NOT covered under warranty as they are usually the result of head strike or poor maintenance. However, most clogged nozzles can be resolved with patience and a little work.

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – 16 years ago Friday as families were celebrating Mothers Day, Valuejet flight 592 had a date with destruction. Minutes after takeoff, the pilots of the DC-9 reported smoke in the cabin and requested a return to Miami International Airport. The plane then dropped off radar and into the Everglades, killing all 110 people aboard. It was among the worst air disasters in Florida’s history.

Rescuers arrived at the scene far from any roads in the Everglades about 20 miles east of Miami to find a shocking sight. The plane was gone, shredded into bits by the impact of the crash. Metal fuselage parts and small pieces of human tissue floated in a few feet of water, just below the service.

It would be months before the majority of the plane’s pieces and all of the parts of the victims could be retrieved, and months more before the official cause was released.