Lear jet charter

Flying from place to place can be stressful and tiresome, but private and chartered jets are able to change the experience to one of pure delight. High-speed Internet, lavish furnishings and aesthetically pleasing designs are opening up the field of customized interiors. And this may be just the thing for those whose lifestyle requires plenty of time in the air. Inside these amazing luxury jets, comfort is never sacrificed and every detail is painstakingly considered.

Even the pilots in this jet get to fly in plush surroundings. Nick Gleis, the professional photographer who captured the stunning interior of this cockpit, has snapped more than 800 private jets in a career spanning three decades. As most of the owners of these aircraft wish to remain anonymous, around 90 percent of Gleis’ work never enters the public arena. Instead, his photographs are viewed in private, albeit by a wide range of people, from designers to heads of state.

The platinum tones in this aircraft bring to mind the sleek exteriors of expensive cars, while the mirrored ceiling makes the room appear both lofty and spacious. This decor is a prime example of just how much potential there is to make private jets fabulous. Due to Federal Aviation Administration regulations, there are some limitations on which materials can be used, so aircraft completion companies work with clients to make unfurnished interiors one-of-a-kind. Meghan Welch, an interior designer at Elliot Aviation, says that many clients want interiors that are both long-lasting and have resale value. Still, even with these stipulations in mind, the options are plentiful.

At Air Charter Network we are committed to providing a superior level of privacy, safety, service and reliability for your private air charter both domestically and internationally. Your jet charter services can be arranged to take you to anywhere in the world through our network of offices in Sydney, London, New York and Dubai.

Aircraft provided by Air Charter Network range from 2 passengers prop aircraft to corporate jets, commercial airlines capable of carrying 450 passengers, to large 100 ton Antonov freighters for all outsized cargo. Available for private charter 24 days, 7 days a week, no job is too big or too small for the crew at Air Charter Network.

The Learjet 55 is yet another impressive model in our fleet that is known all around the world for excellence. With a range of 2,100 statute miles, and a cruise speed of 520 miles per hour, our Learjet charter is an adaptable choice that will serve the needs of you and your guests for either short or long trips.

Compared to most other midsize jets, our private Learjet charter sets new standards in spacious luxury. The cabin offers a range of comfort and high-tech features that will make trips of all lengths a pleasure. It’s incredibly roomy, with seating arrangements that will give everyone in your party the space they need to relax. Up to seven passengers can enjoy the standing cabin. To the back, passengers will find a fully-enclosed lavatory, complete with a sink and vanity. Entertainment options include CD/DVD playback and XM Radio.

This model also features some of the latest advancements in flight safety. State-of-the-art safety equipment and avionics include: TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance), GPWS (Ground Proximity Warning) and Wind Shear Detection Systems.